Goody Gotti Oh

Another Cathy and Janice Story

By Joe Pegasus

Copyright 2016




Chapter 1                                                     Sing This Song

Chapter 2                                      The Power Of Persuasion

Chapter 3                               Boppa Ranner Scanner Banner

Chapter 4                                                    Ahfinish Ahready

Chapter 5                                                          Doodles That

Chapter 6                                              Gone To Goody Gotti

Complete Goody Gotti O Song


1. Sing a Song


"Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, goo. Sang Cathy while she made her bed. Little Janice heard the song from her bedroom. She paused from placing her dolls and teddy bears in just the right order.  

Listening into Cathy's room, Janice heard her sister sing again. This time she entered Cathy's room and sat atop her bed. Beside her sat Benjamin. The cat has found he liked placing his front paws into a pair of Cathy's socks. Together Benjamin and Janice watched Cathy dance and sing her song. "Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, goo.


Soon Janice joined in as they sang the song together. "Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, Goody Gotti oh, goo.


"What kind of song is that? Janice asked.


"Listen to the song. Then together we can sing the Goody Gotti oh song.

Cathy sat Janice down atop her bed and sang the song.


 Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo


Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't so


When you find yourself a-frowning

You can turn it upside down.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo


If something seems confusing

and you don't know what it means,

Make up a little story

cos it's easier to believe.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, Goo

Janice cheered and clapped her hands. She felt fully entertained. Then together they sang the Goody Gotti oh song together until they laughed too hard to continue singing.

Cathy smiled from ear to ear. She pointed out her window to across their backyard at their neighbor's house. "Mister Mike sings that song. He says it's the song of Goody Gotti. Janice looked completely confused by what Cathy said. Cathy explained, "Some crazy planet Mister Mike told me he travels to every so often on his magic motorcycle.

"Oh, he has a magic motorcycle? Well, that explains everything." Although it explained very little. Janice shrugged her shoulders then laughed. They both shared the laughter.

"Mister Mike never told you about Goody Gotti? Cathy seemed surprised. The neighbor never told Janice his story, about a distance planet that he travels to way out in space. Janice shook her head no. Cathy went to her bedroom window. She peered into the neighbor's backyard. She looked for Mister Mike but he was not outside. "When you see him outside again, ask him about it, Jan.

Janice thought back to the last time see spied Mister Mike. The man liked to tend to the lawn over there. He also planted lots of flowers and spent a lot of time watering the yard. "He's a big man, that one, Janice said. "All that wavy hair, and he has a big face too. His nose is gigantic!

Cathy laughed again. "He is a nice man. Have you ever talked to him?

"No. He has said hello to me a couple of times. But I just smile then run away.

Cathy considered what Janice told her. Again she looked over at the house next door. There sat a car in the driveway. Mister Mike did not own a car; his mom did. Mister Mike did have his magic motorcycle, a big one that he kept inside the garage. Cathy figured that if Mister Mike's mom was at home, good chance so was Mister Mike.


Mister Mike

 "Get dressed, Jan, Cathy turned to her little sister and pushed her toward her bedroom. "We're going to visit Mister Mike.

"Janice acted shy. "Why?

"Goody-Gotti oh, Goody-Gotti oh, Goody-Gotti oh, goo. Sang Cathy.

"But what will I wear? Who will dress me? Janice wondered.

"Let's just try on our favorite clothes. Cathy giggled. She pushed Janice into the little sister's bedroom. Together they grabbed any clothing that amused them. Like a whirl wind they grabbed this and that. They even threw out some items that just did not fit Janice anymore. She loved her little red vest, but she trashed it. Janice had out grown it. In a flash the girls returned into Cathy's room. As if they were in a fashion show, they tried on all the clothing in all kinds of different combinations.

          They had so much fun, they almost forgot why they were trying on all these clothes.

When Mom saw the girls dressed she wanted to know why. Janice spoke out about going to see Mister Mike. Mom thought that strange. "The nice man next door?

Cathy asked if she would approve of their visit. "You should not visit people without some kind of notice. Mom instructed.

"Notice? Janice asked. That came as a new word for Jan.

 "Tell them you are coming, Jan. Cathy informed her.

Mom added, "You never know what someone is doing. You may visit them just as they are leaving to visit someone else; or to go shopping, or in the middle of a delicious lunch. That would be a bother, don't you think?

Cathy suddenly gasped. She brought her hand to her mouth as a thought rushed to her. Maybe Mister Mike did have something to do; like taking off on his bike to Goody-Gotti! Cathy said nothing about her thought, but hoped for Mom's approval quickly!

 Mom did not want to give them permission so fast. "Doesn't Mister Mike spend a lot of time in his backyard? Maybe you two should spend time out back and wait for Mister Mike to come out. Then talk with him from our yard. Mom asked, "Why do you want to see Mister Mike?

 "Goody-Gotti oh, Goody-Gotti oh, Goody-Gotti oh, goo. Sang Cathy and Janice. Mom laughed and laughed. She asked what that song was. Cathy told her about Mister Mike's planet and his travels to it. Again Mom laughed and thought it so silly.

 "Go play on the swings and watch out for Mister Mike. Mom instructed them. "I know him well enough that he will appear soon to water his flowers. The girls rushed outdoors while Mom stayed in the kitchen to keep an eye on them from the big kitchen window, and an eye out for Mister Mike too.

Cathy pushed Janice so high on the swing; it made her belly tickle. She giggled and sang the Goody-Gotti song. It was not long before they heard Mister Mike singing his song. The girls stopped what they were doing then ran as fast as they could over to the fence between their backyards. Together all three of them sang. "Goody-Gotti Oh, Goody-Gotti Oh, Goody-Gotti Oh, goo. While Mom watched from the kitchen window.

 "Not going to run away this time? Mister Mike asked Janice. Even though his voice sounded deep and rough, Janice shook her head no. But she felt too shy to say it.

 "Tell us about Goody

 Mister Mike said. "Where three kinds of Goody Gotti people live in a land made of red, white and blue stripped candy. The whole planet is lighted by the sun and by the moon. That is because Goody Gotti drifts in space closer to the moon than the earth. Mister Mike stepped over to the water spigot, turned it off then returned to the fence and his little neighbors.

 Pulling over an old wooden milk case, he sat atop it. "Tell me, little Janice, when you look up at the night sky do you ever see a small star just beside the moon? Sometimes it looks like a tiny moon for the moon?

 Janice shook her head. "I can't remember seeing it, but I'll look for it. Is that the planet where they sing that song?

 "Yes, Said Mister Mike. "On Goody Gotti songs fill land and air. That's because on planet Goody Gotti there are three kinds of people: Boys, girls and Toomars. Toomars are like the birds we have here on earth only as big as people; they have wings, fly and fill the air with song.

 Cathy tried to guess what a Toomar would be like. "Are they half boy and half girl? She asked.

 Janice jumped right into the conversation, saying, "Being half boys and half girls, maybe Toomars like climbing trees and dressing-up dolls!  Or they can be brave enough to squish a spider and scared enough to run away from it at the same time!

Then Cathy added, "Toomars could dress like boys but look like girls! Everyone thought that entertaining.

 Mister Mike put them right by telling the girls, "In many ways, you are correct. Toomars do all the things boys and girls do. But they sing instead of talk. They do walk, but they would rather fly. They are purple in color with green wings and look nothing like boys or girls.

 "Strange world is Goody-Gotti."  Little Janice thought aloud.

 Mister Mike said, "A wonderful place where the Gottis care for each other; they never, ever argue. Mostly they grow lovely flower gardens, and tend to their flowers all day. They grow flowers that would make you lick your lips. Flowers like: Pancake bushes and ice cream daisies and peppermint sprouts and Licorice vines. All the while they dance around their gardens and sing songs.

 Mister Mike chuckled in his deep voice. "So many songs, I cannot count them all. My favorite is, Peppermint sprouts, peppermint sprouts, they are so stout those peppermint sprouts. They're good for colds and good for gout, I love those peppermint, peppermint sprouts! And everyone laughed and sang Peppermint Sprouts.

 Janice then asked, "All this happens on that small, tiny star by the moon? The sisters looked to Mister Mike. They wanted so much to hear him say yes. And he did.

 "Because you cannot see it does not mean it isn't there. Even if it is not there, but you cannot see it; you should believe the best things that could ever be are right where you cannot see them.

 The girls pondered his words. Cathy challenged his suggestion. "So you mean to say what you cannot see will always be sunny and bright?

 Mister Mike chuckled. He replied, "How do you know it is not? Without turning around or moving a finger, he said, "I say the whole world behind me is sunny and bright and filled with flowers. Am I wrong? The girls laughed because they knew he had to know it was true. "But it could be dark and scary. How would I know without seeing it? Still, I say, it is all sunshine and roses. And I am correct!


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2. The Power Of Persuasion

The girls thought it such good fun, singing and all. "Please sing us another, Janice cried. Cathy too shouted for more.

"Do you know what the word persuasion means? Mister Mike asked. The girls looked puzzled and shook their heads no. Janice could not even repeat the word fully or properly. Mister Mike chuckled deeply because the best Janice could manage to say was SWAY-SOME. He explained the big word. "Persuasion is just a fancy word for getting someone to do what you want them to do. But not like forcing them or making them do it. You persuade them nicely so the person wants to do it.

Janice instantly understood. "I sway-some my cat Belgium to come up on my lap, I show him a treat and he jumps right up.

 "Exactly. Mister Mike cheered. "Well, I know a little rhyme. It's not really a sing song, and it goes like this:

 One day when a Gotti went for a walk

The sun and the wind got into a talk.

 Said the wind with a howl,

"Please watch and take note.

I'll be the one

to make the Gotti

take off his coat.

 The wind blew a tempest,

lightning and rain

Clouds bunched up

and were anything but tame.

 The more the wind blew

the more the Gotti got cold

The wind tried his best,

but the wind was too bold.

Wind settled down so the sun took his place

He dried up the rain and he brighten the place.

The sun made Gotti hot from his head to his toes

He took off his coat and the rest of his clothes!

Wind did not do it and so bowed to the sun

Yet the wind did wonder just how it was done.

The way I did it without special occasion;

Sugary sweets is the power of Persuasion.

They all laughed. Janice repeated the rhyme: "Sugary sweets is the power of purr-sway-shun.

Cathy asked, "Mister Mike, tell Jan that you do travel to planet Goody-Gotti; that it is true?

"Every word of it, Mister Mike assured them. "My motorcycle has magic wheels that can take me right off the road, high into the sky and right out into Space.

"Told you! Cathy proudly pouted at her little sister. Janice did not mind getting the I-told-you-so from Cathy. She clung to the fence in compete amazement of Mister Mike's story.

"Every once in awhile I put on my Space riding helmet and my Space travel jacket then hop on my cycle to ride off to Goody-Gotti. Mostly in the evening just as the moon comes out from behind the clouds. I choose nights when the moon is half or quarter; when Goody-Gotti is most easily seen. Sometimes I have to fly around big airplanes or dark clouds. He paused a moment to chuckle. He thought to himself about one time when a big bird almost crashed into his cycle's windshield. "When I pass the International Space Station they always wave to me. All the astronauts know Goody-Gotti. They call to me and tell me to say hello to all the Gotti's.

"Do all astronauts visit Goody-Gotti? Janice asked. Her eyes shone with wonder.

"Not all, of course, Mister Mike replied. "Goody-Gotti allows only good people. They make sure people who might not care for others can not come to their planet.

"I care for people, Janice said. "I care for my sister, my parents, my friend Erin and I think I care for you too.

Mister Mike smiled. He thought both Cathy and Janice would be welcomed at Goody-Gotti. "Let me tell you about one person Goody-Gotti did send away. Here's the story about Joe the Famous Boy.

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3. Boppa Ranner Scanner Banner 

Joe the Famous Boy

There once lived a boy named Joe who made himself famous. From way out in outer space came a terrible shooting star. It crashed into Goody-Gotti causing terrific damage. A great hole opened up and so many Gottis fell into it that everyone of them were feared dead. Young Joe along with his little sister Nancy fell into the hole also.  All of Goody-Gotti gathered around the giant hole and looked down into it. The hole measured so deep that no one could see the bottom.

At the bottom of the hole all the Gottis screamed and cried. They knew they would starve without food. They would freeze without the warmth of their homes. Even water was no where to be found because the darkness of the hole made them blind. They felt it the end of them all. They were doomed.

But not Nancy. From inside her heart she heard a voice say all will be well. It told her Joe could save them. All he had  to do was climb out of the hole. Just start climbing up and bring all the Gottis along with him. She hugged Joe and told him what her heart had said. And that is exactly what Joe did. The climb was not easy and it had dangers, sharp rocks, slippery, muddy steps, all kinds of unseen drops. Many Gottis fell back only to start all over again. But they all reached the top of the hole. From then on everyone called the boy who lead them out of the hole Joe the Famous Boy!

Everywhere on Goody-Gotti parades marched for Joe the Famous Boy. Streets were named after him. Great big parties were held in his honor. Everyday in every home, at every sport's game, in all the restaurants and playgrounds everyone hailed their great hero. Joe the Famous Boy had done what no one else had done. He saved so many Gottis out of a terrible, deep hole.

Joe grew up just like we all do. But you and I need to do for others so they will do for you. We all work together to make the world a better place. Joe the Famous Boy did not have to do anything. Everyone just gave him whatever he wanted. All he had to do was to ask for anything because he was Joe the Famous Boy. For many, many years all the Gottis remember his brave rescue. They loved Joe the Famous Boy.

Joe probably could had lived his entire life as the great hero of Goody-Gotti. I am sure books and movies and tales like the one I am telling you would had been all about his wonderful rescue. But that is not how it went for Joe the Famous Boy. You see Joe had lead everyone to safety, he did, but without Nancy he may not had. The daring rescue had not come to Joe from anyone but from his sister. He did a brave thing. A thing that would never had happened without Nancy. Actually, he knew nothing about getting out of that hole until Nancy said, "Climb out. Just climb out.

One day at a great election for president of Goody-Gotti Joe stood up in front of the Gottis. He decide that he wanted to be president. Of course, everyone loved Joe the Famous Boy. He had led them once before. He could again. So everyone came to the presidential rally to hear what Joe had to say. On a large and colorful platform he stood behind the great seal of Goody-Gotti. A band played. Flags surrounded the stage and all the Gottis cheered. Joe came to the great seal. He raised his hands for silence so everyone could hear what he had to say. When the band and the crowd settled down, Joe cried out with a voice you would use to say important things to those needing to hear important things. "Boppa ranner scanner banner! Joe the Famous Boy cried.

Everyone looked at each other. Not a word was said while Joe continued. "Boppa ranner scanner banner danner panner. " He paused just a second then added, "Boppa ranner scanner banner hammer and tanner!

All the Gottis stood there confused. Someone quietly mumbled that Joe knew nothing about being a president. Everyone seemed very disappointed. Then the Gottis heard Nancy cheer out loud, "Boppa ranner scanner banner! She clapped and cheered again. That caused the Gottis to catch the spirit of the rally once more. They all cheered along with Nancy. And because of their excitement, Joe the Famous Boy became president of Goody-Gotti. 

When he became president he passed all kinds of laws and made all kinds of proclamations. He passed the Boppa ranner scanner banner law for public transportation. He passed the Boppa ranner scanner banner law for better housing. But his Boppa ranner scanner banner proclamation to make all babies wear only pink diapers was not well received by the moms of Goody Gotti, especially those with baby boys and baby Toomars. The Gottis were not liking Joe the Famous Boy as much as they had. He did a wonderful thing once for everyone. But he knew nothing about being their president.

One day Joe came before his Gottis. He raised both his hands, flashed his eyes and declared, "Boppa ranner scanner banner.  Tired of the same old thing, the Gottis all fell upon their president. They tied him up and placed him on a magic motorcycle just like the one I have in the garage and sent him down to earth. Once there he became like everyone else. In fact, he is still here but no one knows where or what he up to. And Goody-Gotti now has a president who knows what a president is suppose to know.

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 4. Ah-finish Ah-ready

 Mom watching from the window thought the girls had their fill of Mister Mike's stories. Mister Mike thought it too. But both girls cried for more stories about Goody-Gotti.

"OK, little ladies, Mister Mike agreed to one more story. "Just one more, he said. "I'll tell you the story of Miss Ah finish Ah ready.

me of the greatest painter of all time in Goody Gotti was Ah finish Ah-ready. She lived long ago before computers and television. The most amazing thing about her art career is that she did only one painting. It is called The unfinished Ah-finish. She began the painting at a very young age; just about your age, Janice. She started it never to finish it ever.

"Why? Asked Cathy.  Exactly the question on Jan's mind too. "What happened to her?

"Nothing at all, Mike replied. "She lived to be 100!

"Did she paint any others? The girls acted startled.

"Nope. Ah finish Ah-ready painted on that one painting everyday and many nights. But every time it should have been completed; she decided to change a thing or two; a color or shape, a shadow or a line. Lo and behold, girls, it is a beautiful painting that was never done.

"I want to see her painting, Janice cried.

"When you get to Goody Gotti, you will, dear.

"But the point to me telling you about Ah finish Ah-ready and her never ending great work of art is that she gained nothing from it. She never sold even her one painting, so she never made any money.  She had no time to create other works of art, so she never had a collection. Collections are very important to an artist because it creates what is called a body of work. Above all this, Ah finish Ah-ready never fell in love with anyone or anything but her one unfinished painting. She never had anything at all; not even one painting to frame and put on the living room wall.

Mister Mike stood up from his milk box. He leaned over the fence to get very close to the girls. He wanted them to clearly hear his next words. "Always remember, little ladies, like in the Goody-Gotti song; you can make meaning of anything and that makes it real. Always use your imagination; that will make the world a better place for you. But if you change its meaning too often then there is no meaning at all.

Just as Mister Mike finished, Mom called the girls. "Come in, girls, she called. "Carol Trip is here to play with you.

"Run along, girls, Mister Mike said with a wide grin. "I'll be off to planet Goody Gotti soon. When I return home; I will have another goody story for you.


 Ah-finish Ah-ready
At work on her painting.

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5. Doodles That

Her real name is Carol Trip. Everyone calls her Doodles That because she likes to say, "And that's all there is to that. Every single story she tells about her friends, her day, the weather and just about anything, she will end it saying, "And that's all there is to that.

Mostly we all call her Doodles?  Why? No one can remember. And so: That's all there is to that.

Doodles That has been Cathy's friend since kindergarten. She gets along with Janice just fine enough but thinks Janice as just a little kiddie.

Janice thinks Doodles a mystery. Doodles That likes to collect things; odd things, things everyone else throws away.  What she does with the things she collects and where they all go to, no one knows.  Maybe to Goody Gotti?

Cathy gave Doodles a greeting hug the moment the two sisters entered their home. Janice smiled, "Hello Doodles, Janice said. She moved to the side where Mom stood watching.

"Hello, Jan, Doodle That's greeted her. "I saw your little friend Erin on my way here. She told me she will come around to see you tomorrow.

"She's not so little. She's bigger and older than me. Janice replied.  "She's five years old; almost six.

Doodles smiled and bent down to Janice and said, "And someday you will be five and even as big as your sister Cathy. Isn't that so, Mrs. Blum? Doodles looked up at the girls' mom. Mom smiled and nodded but Janice did not agree with them.

"That's impossible. Janice hugged her mom closer but stood her ground. "They were never little like me.  I cannot remember Cathy ever being as small as me. She is always bigger and older.  That caused everyone but Janice to laugh.

Cathy put her head to what Janice was saying. "Doodles, Cathy said, "Maybe we can use a little persuasion to teach her about growing up?

"That's a big word. Especially for little Janice, Mom said.

"Not at all, "Janice said. "Purr-sway-some means to make people take off their coats when it is warm. In other words: To make people do things because they want to do it.  Janice sure impressed her mom and Doodles with what she learned from Mister Mike.


Cathy reached over to her book shelf and took from it a photograph in a frame and showed it to Janice. "See here, Jan, this was me when I was five years old. The photograph showed Cathy on a beach in her bathing suit.

Janice took the frame and looked at it. Everyone else thought it would persuade Janice that Cathy too was as little as Janice is now. And that Janice will be big as Cathy one day. But, to their surprise, Janice handed the frame back to Cathy and said, "Like I said to all of you, Cathy is bigger than I am in that picture. She always was and always will be bigger and older than me. Janice so surprised them that Cathy dropped the frame when Janice handed it back to her. It fell and the glass in the frame broke.

Mom picked up the frame and she sighed. "Do not touch broken glass, girls. Mom removed the photograph and handed it to Cathy for safe keeping.  Then she threw away the broken frame.

"Not an easy girl to persuade. Doodles then said, "And that's all there is to that.


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6. Gone To Goody Gotti

Erin sat atop Jan's bed. She hung on every word Janice said about Mister Mike and his far away planet. Janice had no problem at all persuading Erin that Goody Gotti is the most wonderful place anyone could ever discover.

Erin's mom had sent her over to play with Janice. Erin and Jan thought that odd because it was late in the day almost dark.

Suddenly the girls noticed  Jan's mom stood in the doorway along with Cathy. Mom dressed all in black. Both of them seemed quiet and a little bit sad. Cathy stepped into the room and from behind them came Doodles. She walked in then sat between Janice and Erin. Doodles placed her arms about the younger girls. Always a hard one to read, they were unsure of what Doodles meant by this. Then Mom said, "Cathy and Carol will be baby sitting you for an hour or two. Your father and I need to go out. Without one more word, Mom turned and left the room.

Janice looked at Doodles then at Cathy. "Why the long faces, ladies? She asked.

Erin left Janice to Cathy. She moved in close to Doodles and asked her, "What is going on?  Doodles only shrugged, but she did know.

Cathy stepped beside her sister and drew her near to where Erin and Doodles sat on the bed. From the look on her face, she had something very important to tell the girls. She took a long time to think about the correct words. Everyone could see how she fought with her thoughts; she looked even sadder. Slowly she finally said, "Driving a motor bike is very dangerous, you know€¦ Then she stopped and returned into deep thought again.

Finally, Janice gently shoved Cathy's shoulder and said with a smile, "Come on, sis, spit it out! There's no danger in riding a magic bike. You can skip over all the boppa scanner ranner banner stuff.

That made them all giggle and the giggles gave Cathy a bright idea. Her face glowed. Pulling Janice toward the window, Cathy waved the others over. "See down there?  She pointed over at Mister Mike's house. Cathy now appeared filled with glee.

The girls put their faces right up against the window to see big, long black cars in Mister Mike's driveway. The sun had set but twilight filled the sky, the dark of night would arrive soon. In this light and with the help of street lights, and the light from all the houses around, they saw people getting in the cars including Mr. & Mrs. Blom. Doodle's and Erin's folks were there as well. Janice spoke first with concern, "What's going on over there, Cath?

Cathy stood back and with a wide smile she announced, "They are all going to say good bye to Mister Mike. Know why?  Because Mister Mike has gone to Goody Gotti!

Janice brought her hand to her mouth, she was so surprised. Doodles stood confused. Erin popped with delight because she suddenly realized what was going on. Janice beamed, "Of course, Mister Mike is going to Goody Gotti! Then all the girls jumped for joy.

Janice suddenly seemed disappointed and sad. "But Mister Mike left us without saying good bye?

Cathy thought fast. "See why I was sad too? But Mom told me Mister Mike already left. The adults are just having some grown up sit-around and talk thing.

All the girls remarked, "BORING!

They all returned to look out the window, but the black cars had gone. They all grew quiet as they stared wishing Mister Mike would suddenly return on his bike and invite the girls to come along with him.

Just as Janice said it, the girls all saw the moon drift out from behind a cloud. Doodles thought she saw a shooting star. Erin said it might be a plane. But Cathy and Janice knew better. Cathy took hold of her sister's hand as she said, "That's no plane. That's no star. That's Mister Mike on his magic bike!

They all sang:

"Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't there.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo

So until we are told another Cathy and Janice Bedtime Story; that's all there is to that.



 In Memory of

My Brother


1950 - 1976

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The Complete Goody Gotti-O Song


Original song by Mike Auricchio, 1959

2016 music by Joe Pegasus and Owen Heritage

Sang by Kitty Krine


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo

Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't so.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo


Sister Jan awoke me

From a deep, sound Sleep

She dragged me to the window

And from its sill we peeked

Out on the lawn in the back yard

A big red ball did blaze

And from a burning space ship

Some purple thing escaped.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo

What the thing was saying

We didn't have a clue

It waved at us, and just like that

Away from us it flew.


We felt so scared by what we had seen

We just wanted to hide

So fast a little legs could go

We both ran back inside.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo

Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't so.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo


I turned to scream for mama

But Jan said, "Don't you dare!

Older folks will see this

And, yikes! Will they be scared.


Then poof! the thing had come back

Before us it did stand

And bowed just like a celebrity

With graceful wave of hand.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo

Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't so.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo


This time we thought it friendly

So we tried hard not to fear

But let me tell you, everyone,

We thought our end was near.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti, oh, goo

Because you cannot see it

doesn't mean it isn't so.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo


Then the purple guy

Got in his craft

And made the thing jump and fly

To a goody gotti oh planet

High up in the sky.


If something seems confusing

and you don't know what it means,

Make up a little story

cos it's easier to believe.


Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo

Make up a little story

cos it's easier to believe.

Goody-Gotti oh Goody-Gotti oh

Goody-Gotti oh, goo



 Joe and his wife Cathy live a retiring lifestyle in South Carolina along with Cathy's younger sister Janice. They sing and write about country life ... all the live-long day.

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