The Characters from
The Cathy & Janice Bedtime Stories





Age:  9

Big sister. 

Likes adventure.



Age:  4

Little sister. 

Likes dolls and cookies.


Age: A secret

Likes bedtime stories


Age: Way old.

Likes: Ties for his birthday.


Age: 5

Janice's best friend.

Doodles That

Age: 10

Cathy's friend

Her real name is Carol Trip. Everyone calls her Doodles That because she likes to say, “And that’s all there is to that.” Every single story she tells about her friends, her day, the weather; just about anything, she will end it saying, “And that’s all there is to that.”

Karma Gollylollylove

Age:  4

Friend to Janice and Erin

Karma likes to be everyone's best friend. She also likes to be sure that all things are fair and balanced.

Mister Mike

From Goody Gotti

Tells the best stories ever!


A Sleepie

You will never see it. It will take you over if you are too tired. Then it will put you to sleep.



The Starlight Princess

Bump your head and you may meet her too.


Ah-finish Ah-ready

Goody Gotti's most famous artist.


A Toomar

One of 3 kinds of people found on Goody Gotti

Joe The Famous Boy

Hero, President

Goody Gotti's most famous person